Where can I use sound sources?
All videos on the web, Apps, TV, movies, Advertising, radio, games, etc.
What is commercial use?
To gain profits by using contents created by company, individual, and product sales promotion services.
How can I use the content?
You can freely use the image editing without reselling the sound source as it is.
What does royalty mean?
The value you pay in exchange for using the right to someone who has a certain type of right in law.(Source:
If I cancel my account, can I use the downloaded sound sources?
The license is valid for one year and is available for one year.
Some sound sources contain noise?
It is the intended acoustic noise.
I heard there was a watermark every 10 seconds in the preview, can I buy it?
No. The purchased sound source does not have a watermark.
Can I share music with others?
Only the purchased user is allowed to use the sound sources.